Flame Flame ( ALEV ALEV) 9. Episode Trailer Released? Who Are The Cast Of The Flame Series?

 What days are the Flames playing? Flame Flame 9. Has the episode trailer Video been released? Who are the cast of The Flame series? What does the series Tell? What is the subject? Which players portray which characters? How many episodes will it take? He's making a Final? How are the ratings?

Flame Flame Sequence 9. The trailer for the episode has yet to be released. 8. Section 3. The trailer is on the air!

In this article, we will address the series of flames. We'll also touch on their cast and what characters they portray in the series. We'll try to provide information about the players and characters. It will be a small-scale flame array analysis article.

A Series Of Flames Will Make The Final?

The flame Flame series continues to air on Show TV screens. Although the ratings performance so far seems to be sufficient, the competition between TV channels will be heated in January. Especially Survivor 2021 will be the dreaded dream of all series. In order to give you an idea, the latest rating figures were given in the image below. Although the final news about the series has been made, it seems unlikely at the moment, but the situation may change in the coming days.

Flame Flame Rating Rates

Alev Alev players names, horoscopes, height, weight, hometown and lovers

The lives of the actors of the series are always wondered. Intense searches are also being carried out on search engines about players in the series Alev Alev. As information about players ' horoscopes, such as their hometown, is investigated, as well as their physical characteristics, such as their height and weight, are also the subject of curiosity. Even the brands and prices of the clothes that the players wear in the series can be investigated.

From Which Series Is The Flame Flame?

Recently, adaptation productions have started to be featured a lot on Turkish television. The flame Flame series is one of these adaptations. The series is based on the French production Le Bazar de la Charité. The subject of the flame Flame series is the life story of three women whose lives were turned upside down in an instant after a fire. And for those who are wondering where the show is being filmed, let's let them know. It is usually filmed in different parts of the city within Istanbul.

The ‘Alev Alev’ series, signed by Ay Yapım, written by Burcu Görgün, and in the director's chair by Ahmet Katıksız, has a strong staff.

The Story Of The Flame Flame Series! What's He Saying?

Cemre struggling with her little daughter marrying the great love that fell from violent nightmares... Beautiful, burning face met with his privileged life devoted to the dream of truth in a little happiness for himself in the world of existence when trying to open a page identical with beauty, a flower on the brink of losing the identity of the characters and stories very different from each other in the fire cistern in the fate of these three women are thrown. After the flames, nothing will be the same. In their struggle from the very beginning, their path falls into real love and real life with all the good and bad sides. The destructive, evil Breath of the wealthy, charismatic, privileged Çelebi, who appears from the outside as a model man, is on the back of all of them…

Director: Ahmet Katıksız

Screenwriter: Burcu Görgün

Composer: Toygar Lighted

Producer: Kerem Çatay

Executive Producer: Slope Reads

Cinematographer: Gökhan Atı

Art Director: Ismail Durmaz

Costumes: Burcu Şener Editing Director: Emre Boyraz

Flame Flame Players Names And All Characters

Starring Cemre: Demet Evgar Flower: Hazar Ergüçlu dream: Dilan Flower Deniz Çelebi: Cem Bender Bard: Berkay Ateş Omar: Cihangir Ceyhan Iskender: Berker Güven Ali: Toprakcan Adygüzel Bülent: Cem exile Korkut: Yiğit Sertdemir and Tomris: Zuhal Olcay

Demet Evgar, who gave life to Cemre Kayabeyli character in the series, was born in 1980, aged 40.

Çiçek of the series Hazar Ergüçlü was born in 1992, aged 28.

Dilan Çiçek Deniz, who portrays the dream character, was born in 1995. He's 25.

Zuhal Olcay, who played the role of Tomris Üstünoğlu, was born in 1957, aged 63.

Celebi Kayabeyli of the series Cem Bender was born in 1965, aged 55.

Berkay Ateş, who appeared in front of the audience with the character of Ozan Akinsel in the series, was born in 1987, at the age of 33.

Omar of the series Cihangir Ceyhan was born in 1989, aged 31.

Iskender Berker Güven of the series was born in 1994, aged 26.

Flame flame official Instagram address https://www.instagram.com/alevalevtvdizi/


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