Disloyal ( Sadakatsiz ) Subject And Actors - Series Analysis

 A weekly television series called Disloyal, signed by mednova Productions, began broadcasting on Kanal D on October 7, 2020. In these days, when Rating wars reach incredible heights, TV series compete with each other as much as possible, life fits into the house during the pandemic, we have taken our place on a new series of Channel D screens, and of course, of course, we are in our seats in our homes. The trailer for the series was also very much talked about, attracted attention and became the center of attention. Now let's all consider the subject of the series, the plot and the script.

Who's In The Unfaithful Cast?

Starring successful actors Cansu Dere and Caner Cindoruk, the cast of the series includes Burak SERGEN, Özge ÖZDER, Eren VURDEM, Yeliz KIVANCI, Hikmet KÖRMÜKÇÜ, Olcay YUSUFOĞLU and Melis SÖZEN. Other cast members are Nazlı BULUM, Gözde Seda ALTUNER, Emir Taro TEKIN, Onur Berk ARSLANOĞLU, Gamze BÜYÜKBAŞOĞLU, Mutlunur LAFÇI, Dora DALGIÇ, Merve Akın, ALP AKAR, Oktay OY, Mahmut GÖKGÖZ, Selin AYDINLIOĞLU and Bekir Hakan Uyan. Kenan ECE was later included in the cast of the series, which had a fairly wide cast.

Who's The Unfaithful Selchuk? Who Is Tariq Emir Tekin From Where?

From Which Foreign TV Series Is Unfaithful?

The director of the series is Neslihan YEŞILYURT. The unfaithful series, written by Dilara Pamuk and Kemal Hamamcioglu, takes its place in front of the audience as a Turkish-made television series in both the drama and psychological thriller genre. The series was adapted from the British Bbc Studios series “Doctor Foster”.

The Subject Of The Unfaithful Series

Among the successful and popular productions of the last period, the subject of the series is how a deceived woman burns her eyes with a sense of revenge covered with hatred and hatred, and what she risks for revenge, what she can do, accompanied by stunning scenes.

In the series, The Lead Actor Asya (Cansu DERE) portrays a highly successful doctor in his business. They are happily married to their life partner Volkan (Caner CINDORUK), and from this marriage they have a son (Alp AKAR), the fruit of their love. All the peace and happiness of this core family, happy and so peaceful, disappears in an instant with the suspicion that the hair that Asia found on her husband's scarf may belong to someone else. Asia, who wants to know who the hair strand belongs to, immediately begins its research. After a while, Asia begins to look for the main crime, the main crime in herself, thinking that she is unfair. But the facts strike Asia as a slap in the face, and the hidden truths that remain in the dark one day appear. Asia finds out that her husband is cheating on her. A blazing fire of revenge burns in Asia, which finds out that her husband cheated on her with the daughter of his coworker, and finds out that the girl was pregnant by her husband. For Asia, which faces and faces such a disgusting situation, the main struggle begins after that.


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