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 We continue to give you cruel and incessant advice. This is our mission as a madman of advice on the name of our site. In this article, we have prepared a list of recommendations that you should read before you die. It was a great article for those who want Book advice.

Books have been an indispensable subject for all of us. Some change their lives with a book, some find themselves, some read. But it's a bedside book that affects everyone and everyone has been. At the same time, masterpiece books that lose nothing of their value as time passes there are also.

Although technology has improved, the smell of paper is the only one the author describes in the book where these pages merge comes to life. Now let's examine the must-read books that we have compiled for you together.

Sugar orange (José Mauro de Vasconcelos)

If I'm going to write the books I've been most impressed with since childhood, sugar

He's got an orange on his head. I could never forget his innocence and the lead character, Zeze.

Little Big is a book everyone should read.

Zülfü Livaneli - Serenad

Serenade written by Zülfi Livaneli

Zülfi Livaneli's book Serenad is one of the great books I read in a breath. Serenade is a book that is fluent, simple, immersive and you don't want it to end.

In The Land Of White Lilies - Grigory Petrov

In the land of the white lilies - Grigory Petrov's book was translated into our language during the time of Atatürk. When we read it, you witness how Finland, which is in all kinds of impossibility and despair, developed and survived the chaos. This book describes the solidarity of a people and how they struggle as a lesson to the whole world.

Madonna In Fur Coat (Sabahattin Ali)

Sabahattin Ali's book Madonna in fur coat with fluent language, Story, characters it's a gripping piece. Books about Turkish literature references The character Raif Effendi in the story is in his emotional world, his silence and his inner world because of the Great Depression, he became a character that everyone connected to. Strong pen It is one of Sabahattin Ali's books that must be read.

When Nietzsche Cried (Irvin D. Yalom)

When Nietzsche Cried is a book by Irvin d. Yalom is one of the most popular books. Head the book deals with the treatment process between character Lou Salome and his doctor. are riveting. Important names in the field of Medicine, psychoanalysis and philosophy are included in the book. One Salome, who influenced Freud, Bruner and Nietzsche while being treated on the side his characters are handled very differently. Issues of despair, absence and deep sensuality the book being processed is very interesting, and it is definitely a book that everyone should read.

How To Live A Life (Ilber Ortaylı)

How to live a life by Ilber Ortayli, a very valuable historian, academic and author it's a complete road map. Our Ilber teacher has traveled and seen all his life, accumulated and he collected these experiences in a book. This book is a complete guide to life, which country to go to, how to learn a language, music to listen to, books to read and much more available in content. Among the books we would highly recommend.

Tutunamayanlar (Oğuz Atay)

A cult that began to see value years after Oguz Atay's work Tutunamayanlar was written it's one of the works. Follow in the footsteps of the friend who ended the life of the lead character Turgut Özben the story of why he committed suicide and what the problems of modern society will cause he's telling us about it. It's one of the most important books to read.

Antoine de Saint - Exupery The Little Prince

Author Antoine de Saint-Exupery will read without being bored in both adults and children it's a great book. The book's character The Little Prince moves away from himself as people grow up and he tells the whole world that they have become alienated from his own children's world. The phenomenon of grow the language of the book that attracts attention is quite emotional. The Little Prince planets, stars and other as he travels between planets, all he has is a story of leaving his rose it forms. It's definitely a must-read book.

1984 (George Orwell)

George Orwell's 1984 masterpiece occupies an important place in the literary world.

It is highly valued in the world of World Classics and modern literature and is most often about it's one of his spoken works. Advice to learn about Stalin before reading the book because the subject of the book is a rebellion against all tyrannical, oppressive and unjust regimes. Book, Given the collision of two opposite worlds between Winston and his brother the struggle tells us about the effort to find a solution.

Crime and Punishment (Dostoevsky)

Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevsky, crime and Crime It was first printed in 1866. Author after five years in exile in Siberia He has written the book of crime and Punishment. The lead character Raskolnikov is a student and in the house he rented he leads a miserable life without money. One day he listens to some conversations in the coffee and thinks plans come in that will change your life. Crime and Punishment, a book that shook world literature it has been the subject of theatre plays, operas and Motion Pictures, and its value over the years references Raskolnikov's character has also struck an axe in world literature, just like in the book as…

Century Of Solitude (Gabriel García Márquez)

Gabriel García, the Nobel Prize-winning author of literature, whom we have lost in recent years Márquez is one of the most widely spoken works in the literary world. Century The book of loneliness, the stories told by his grandmother, looking at us through the eyes of a child tells. A great family whose generation will end years later it works with a fairy tale narrative. Among the most important representatives of reality in the literary world Márquez continues to be remembered with great love and respect after his death. A must-read book.

The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho)

Paulo Coelho's book The Alchemist is a masterpiece that has become a phenomenon all over the world. Alchemist's it ranks first among best-selling books. Paulo Coelho as The Alchemist He wrote it inspired by Mevlana's Mesnevi book. Set out to find his own treasure, our character goes to the Egyptian pyramids with different people he has encountered and experienced some events. How a person can change their fate, how happiness as he will find, questions will be answered during this journey. It's described in a fairy tale way in the book events and our character are waiting for a surprise ending.

In fact, we can tell this book of the author with the following quatrain of Mevlana;

"Fever is not in the sheet

Keramet cardigan is not a crown

Whatever you're looking for, Look for yourself Dec.

Mecca is not a pilgrimage in Jerusalem.''


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