WHO İS MERVE ÜÇER? How Old Is She? Starring Series - Height - Weight

 Who is Nil actually in the series of Acemi Anneler, which is broadcast daily on trt1 screens? Who is the actress Merve Üçer by her real name and Where Is she from? TV series and movies he played in. How old is she? Date of birth. Height, sign and weight. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter? What's the address? A detailed biography article with information about it. Wikipedia information.

Merve Üçer life https://youtu.be/5EC-YmXD27Q

Biography Of Merve Üçer

Merve Üçer is a film and TV actress.
He was born on 15 May 1992 in Ankara.
The young actor, whose family was engaged in the textile business, had a brother, spent his childhood and educational life in Ankara.
He studied at the Department of Philosophy of Ankara University and graduated with a degree.
As a sophomore at the university, she participated in the 2013 Elidor Miss Turkey pageant and was among the finalists and placed 5th. It has happened.
After the competition, she worked as a model for a while.
After completing her acting training, she had her first acting experience in 2013, son of the Demon 13. He lived with the role of Wormwood in the film brutality.
In 2014, he appeared in the film Crazy Dersane 3 as Zeynep.
In 2015, she played in the final episode of the series Sweet Little Liars.
In 2019, he portrayed the character of Elif in the series Beni Kalma, which aired on atv screens, and thanks to this series, he began to be recognized by large audiences.
Currently, TRT 1 screens a series called novice mothers gives life to the character of Nil.

What Is Merve Üçer? Height And Weight

She continues her acting career as registered with Setroom acting agency.
He continues his life in Ankara. He's Originally From Nowhere.
The young talent who holds the Galatasaray football team plays sports, reads books and draws pictures in his spare time.
1.76 meters tall, 53 pounds and Taurus.
He is also active in his official social media accounts and as of the time of this article, his Instagram account has 30,100 followers.


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