Who is Melih Ozkaya? Who Is Emanet (Legacy) Ali? Height, Weight And Sign

 Who is entrust Ali? Who is Melih Ozkaya and where is he originally from? What is the height, weight and sign of the player who is also recognized from the Survivor 2018 All Star competition? Wikipedia information. Date of birth. Biography article with detailed information about it. Married? Does he have a girlfriend? What's Instagram, Twitter and YouTube? Who is the character of Commissioner Ali in the popular daily series of Channel 7, which is also watched in foreign countries under the name ‘Legacy’?

Biography Of Melih Ozkaya

Melih Ozkaya was born in Istanbul on August 11, 1987.
His father is Metin Özkaya, known for his antiques business Survivor and the contest whether you want to or not.

Özkaya graduated from Anadolu University Sports Management Department and has been interested in various sports since childhood.
After his amateur and short-term studies, he began playing volleyball professionally.
In total, he started his volleyball life, which lasted about 19 years, in the infrastructure of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and made it to the A team.

1 . and 2. He played for Tokat, Payas Municipal Sports, Tofaş, Diyarbakır, Sivas and many other volleyball teams in the league.
Simultaneously with his volleyball career, he gave sports trainings such as Fitness instructor and pilates instructor in various places.

Ozkaya, who also attracts attention with his good looks and neat physique,
In 2011, he decided to add acting to his athlete identity by taking front-of-camera training.
In 2012, he starred in the third season of the TV series Earth Sky Love, but it was short-lived.
In 2018, Survivor participated in the 2018 All Star and competed on the Volunteers team, but was forced to withdraw from the competition shortly after due to injury.

What Is The Height, Sign And Weight Of Melih Ozkaya? Instagram Address

He currently plays the character of Commissioner Ali in the TV series escrow, which airs daily on Channel 7 screens.
A famous name who continues his life in Istanbul loves to go for a ride in nature, swim and play sports.
He's an animal lover. He is constantly teeming with cats and dogs, especially in everyday life.
He is someone who helps animals on the street, in a shelter, who is a nest for animals with his compassion and finds a nest.

Instagram Address

Tümay Özokur is a famous name who continues his acting career by being registered with the Management Agency. He is 1.90 tall and weighs 84 pounds.
He usually uses Instagram, and as of the time of this post, his Instagram account has 36,700 followers.


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