Who Is Gulhan Tekin? How Old Is She? Life of Gulhan Tekin

 Who is Gunshil in the TV series Mount Gönül? Who is Gulhan Tekin Elmas with his real name and where is he originally from? TV series and movies he played in. Married? What is the job? Who's his wife? Date of birth. Agency. Age, Horoscope, height and weight information. Vital. Wikipedia information. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter address. A detailed biography article with information about it. His latest new series.

Who Is Gulhan Tekin Elmas? Where from? How Old Is She?

Gülhan Tekin Elmas life https://youtu.be/-LnDSPNmimY

Biography Of Gulhan Tekin Elmas

Gulhan Tekin is a screenwriter and actor. His full name is Gulhan Tekin Elmas.

He was born in Izmir on May 3, 1975.

He graduated from Dokuz September University Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of theatre and Dramatic Writing.

He started his career as a reji assistant, writing advertising texts for agencies, and art direction.

In 1999, he wrote sketches of the Igbo show.

He has worked as a screenwriter in many films, series, shows and has continued to act with him.

He started acting with the advice of Yılmaz Erdoğan and Demet Akbağ while continuing to write screenplays with success.

In 2004, he joined the BKM kitchen actors and was noted for his acting performance at a bunch Theatre.

In 2008, he also made a good debut with his acting performance in very beautiful movements bunlar, and managed to announce his name to large audiences.

To date, she has appeared in many motion pictures such as government Woman, Time Machine 1973, Maid's Golden day, Dangerous Intervention Team.

He also met with the audience with many series such as European side, more or less Yemenis, Ali Ayşe Sevli, Anali Oglu.

In 2015, she married Hassan Elmas, an actress like herself.

In 2018, he coached players in the Competition Program ‘Star of the future’.

Currently, he gives life to the character of Gunshil in a series called Gönül Dağı, which is broadcast on trt1 screens.

Gülhan Tekin Height, Sign And Weight

Gulhan Tekin Elmas, who has a dog that he loves very much, is originally from Izmir.

He's a Taurus. He is 1.69 tall and weighs 56 pounds.

Erbay Gül is still continuing his career as a registered manager.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter use a famous name that is good with social media.

Facebook Instagram account with the Blue click 39.500 as of the moment of preparation of this post, the Facebook page has close to 50 thousand followers.

Facebook page address https://www.facebook.com/GulhanTekin

Instagram address https://www.instagram.com/gulhantekin/

Twitter address https://twitter.com/gulhantekin


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