Who is Ferdi Sancar? Height, Sign and Weight

 Who is the Sefer in the Gönül Dağı series? Who is Ferdi Sancar with his real name? What are the TV series and movies he has played so far? Instagram and Twitter address. How old? Married? Height, sign and weight. Where is it originally from? Wikipedia information. Detailed biography with information about his life.


Who is Ferdi Sancar? (Gönül Mountain Dolmuşçu Expedition) TV Series and Movies

Theater, TV series and film actor Ferdi Sancar was born on March 24, 1980 in Istanbul Harbiye.

His childhood years passed in Büyükçekmece.

He became interested in acting from an early age.

He had his first television series experience as a child actor in the legendary TV series Muhtarları of the District, and his first theater experience with the play "Home Three Head".

He received the Best Child Actor award early in his career.

Sancar, who was a taunted actor, was both a minibus driver and a theater actor in the years when he started the theater.

After the age of 18, he performed shows by animating different characters in an entertainment center for 3 years, and in 1998 he made one-person shows in Tatilya's amphitheater.

When he was little, his only goal was to stage a play he wrote for orphans.

20-year-old that his dream and 4 orphans in various places in Turkey with a friend staged the plays he wrote.

The master actor, who almost breathed with acting, did not break away from the scenes during his military service, touring the battalions under the name of "Moral Team" and staged various theater plays.

After his military service, Ferdi Sancar, who worked in the production team for a while, played the character of Sincap Necmi in a commercial film shot in 2009.

It attracted quite a bit of attention.

He even won the 2009 Crystal Apple Award for this role.

He has been featured in many commercials, theater plays, TV series and movies.

The actress, who experienced her first motion picture experience with the movie "Yahşi Batı", exhibited in films such as Kardeşim Benim, Aykut Enişte, Baker's Wife, Kırk Yalan.

acting performances were highly appreciated by the audience.

Throughout his career, he has generally tried to take part in quality and different comedy projects rather than popularity.

The player who managed to gain a place in the minds of the audience with TV series such as Straight Man, Until Death, Aslan Ailem, Koca Koca Yalanlar, finally gave life to the character of Dolmuşçu Sefer in the TV series Gönül Mountain, which was broadcast on TRT1 screens.

Ferdi Sancar Instagram and Twitter Address

Sancar, who is a motorcycle and boat enthusiast, owns a 1972 model Anadol car.

Known as a helpful and humble person around him, Sancar loves animals, especially cats and dogs, like many of our players.

One of the biggest hobbies of the famous name, who can learn how to play the clarinet on his own, play baglama and pilot, is to build boats out of fruit boxes.

Ferdi Sancar Height, Sign and Weight

Let's also give the following classic information that is curious because it has a player.

Ferdi Sancar is the sign of Aries. It is 1.76 meters tall and 75 kilos.

He is still continuing his acting career, registered with Ateş Management Agency.

He uses Instagram and Twitter, though not very often.

As of the writing of this article, he has 1500 followers on his Twitter account and 28.400 followers on his official Instagram account with the blue click.

Twitter Address https://twitter.com/ferdisancar

Instagram Address https://www.instagram.com/ferdisancar/


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