Who is Cantug Turay? Height, Sign and Weight

 Who is Tariq in TRT 1's daily series novice mothers? Who is the actor Cantuğ Turay with his real name and where is he from? The series he played. How old is she? Height, sign and weight. Married? Who is his wife? Facebook, Instagram and Twitter? A detailed biography article with information about it. Vital. Wikipedia information.

Cantug Turay Life

Cantuğ Turay is an actor, trainer and voice actor.
He was born on 14 May 1984 in Ankara.
Cantug Turay, who was introduced to the theater during his secondary school years, is one of the hardworking and talented names that Ankara has brought to the theater world.

She graduated from Hacettepe University State Conservatory Theatre Department in 2005.
He also did a master's degree in Performing Arts at Dokuz September University Faculty of Fine Arts.

In 2006, he opened the ritual Art Center in Ankara.
To date, he has appeared in many commercial films, theatre plays and series.
He has performed voice-overs in more than fifty films in TRT.
Conservatory 3. he started working at TRT when he was in class and was the host of the documentary program “Gezi-comment”.
After that, he also appeared in the Fifth Dimension series and hosted many programs.
He has acted as an actor and director in many plays within the theatre cafe, and has also worked as a playwright.
Cantuğ Turay, who also appeared in many TV series in addition to his theatrical work, first gave life to the wind character in the series Bizim Evin Halleri in 2006 and continued for about 2 years.
In 2009, he played the character ‘Melih’ in the series starfish, which also lasted for about 6 years.
In 2019, he briefly appeared in the TV series I loved you once and The Warrior, portraying the role of Tariq in the series novice mothers, which is now broadcast on trt1 screens.

Currently, Cantuğ Turay, who continues to perform in theater plays, also works as an on-camera acting, oratory, body language and diction instructor at the ritual Art Center.

Cantug Turay Height, Sign And Weight

He is the wife of Begum Topçu, an actress like himself, and has a daughter.
He Is Originally From Ankara. He's a Taurus. He is 1.80 tall and weighs 80 pounds.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter address of Cantuğ Turay
The artist, who works with Canan Odacil Management Agency, is also actively using social media.
Facebook Instagram account has 14,000 followers, Twitter account 10.800, Instagram account 52.800 as of the moment of this article was prepared.


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