Who Is Begum Topçu Turay? How Old Is She? Married? Does He Have Children?

 Who Are New Mothers In Sevda? Who Is Begum Topçu Turay? Where from? Height, Sign And Weight

Who is actually in Sevda in the series of novice Mothers published daily on trt1 screens? Who is the actor Begum Topçu Turay by his real name and where is he from? TV series he played in. How old is she? Height, sign and weight. Wikipedia information. Married? Who is his wife? Facebook, Instagram and Twitter address? Is there a YouTube channel? A detailed biography article with information about it. Life of Begum Gunner Turay.

Biography of Begüm TopçuTuray https://youtu.be/ZXKSFoSjHGg 

Who Is Begum Topçu Turay? Where from? Married? Does He Have Children?

Begum Topçu Turay was born on 3 June 1985 in Ankara.
He attended primary school.
He graduated from Seyranbağları Super High School in 2003.
After his high school education, he won the theater department of Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory, where he graduated in 2007.

From his high school years, he performed in many theater plays.
A famous name that gave its heart to the theater in 2007, together with Cantug Turay, tried a different way in Ankara and started the concept of theater cafe, which was never done before at that time.
They performed theatrical performances for a long time in a cafe.

He has also directed children's theatres, and has done some work in areas such as voice acting, hosting and music.
He also gave various trainings on diction and body language.

He had his first series experience with the character Asiye in the series Kınacılar Konakası, which aired on Flash TV in 2008.
In its second series, it managed to appear in a daily series that aired a total of 1287 episodes.
He gave life to the character of Banu for 6 years in the series called Starfish and garnered the audience's appreciation for his excellent acting performance in this series.

On June 7, 2014, he reunited with his colleague, Cantuğ Turay.
Monday, November 27, 2017, the couple welcomed their first baby, Meral Masal, into their embrace.

In 2015, the actress who appeared in the most beautiful series of Loves with the character Zeyno now gives life to the character of Sevda in the series called ‘novice mothers’, which is being broadcast on TRT 1 screens.

The artist, who grew up as the only daughter of the house and expressed at every opportunity that she had a wonderful childhood, spent almost her entire life in Ankara and is from Ankara.
He still lives in Ankara.

Begum Topçu Turay Height, Sign And Weight

Gemini. He is 1.58 tall and weighs 45 pounds.
Facebook Instagram account with 81,800, Instagram account with 60,300, Twitter account with 13,300 followers as of the moment this video was taken, the player has a strict fan base and uses social media actively.
He also has close to 2,700 subscribers on his YouTube channel called’ Fairy Tale taste'.

Instagram account address https://www.instagram.com/begumtopcu85/


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