The Daughter of the Ambassador 28th Episode Trailer

 The Ambassador's Daughter 28th Episode trailer has been released. There was a great excitement in the last episode. Confused in the series Sefirin's Daughter! What will happen in the new episode? Will Sancar die? Will it turn out that Violet is not pregnant?

The Daughter of the Ambassador Episode 28 Trailer

Viewers expect better episodes in Sefir's Daughter, but still maintains their commitment to the series. On the day of the release of Sefirin's Daughter, there are great rivals. That's why the blood pressure will increase in the series.

Sancar, who fell off the cliff with Akin, survived by chance, but was seriously injured. Seeing him in this state, Nare's interior was torn. Now the fear of losing Sancar has gripped Nare and is officially looking for an excuse to forgive Sancar. It will be attached to him tightly.

The truth will be revealed!

It will turn out that Violet is not pregnant. Thus, more romantic scenes will meet with the audience. Sancar will recover from his injuries, but face the danger of imprisonment. However, it will also overcome this problem. Akın left the series, but the tension between Gediz and Sancar will continue to increase. A partner will come to Gediz due to the decrease in the ratings. The chances of new actors coming to the series are very high. Gediz will experience the tides. He will be stuck between Nare and the new character for a while. Gediz's situation will shake the audience deeply. Exciting episodes are waiting for the audience.


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