Sneak Peek Season 4 Episode 11 Trailer!

 Pit Season 4 Episode 11 Trailer! Sneak Peek New Episode Trailer

Pit New Episode Trailer (Episode 103)

The enemies of the Koçovans do not end! The arrival of his brother Arık Böke, who took over the seat from Çağatay Erdenet, to come to the neighborhood and confront Yamaç Koçovalı was the beginning of a brand new storm. While the struggle between the Koçovans and the Erdenets is getting much tougher, Cengiz Erdenet, who is highly anticipated in the fourth season of Çukur, takes the ropes in his hand will completely change the rules of the game.

There are no opposite corners in the pit. The issue of Halil İbrahim and Cumali uncle is being resolved. As the gap between the River and the Slope is getting better, what will happen to Efsun and Yamaç now? The big mistake Efsun will make about Slope will cause him not to come together with Slope again.

Is the secret of Meliha's big secret in Çukur revealed?

Çukur came to the screen with the 10th episode of the 4th season. Cumali remembered her child pain again. Selim Yamaç forgive. Çukur brothers got closer again. The big opposite corner of Çağatay to Yamaç left its mark on the section.

When will Vartolu return to the series?

Tired of being a whipping boy in Çukur, Murtaza offered a helping hand to Yamaç Koçovalı when he never expected it. Cagatay Erdenet. He will learn about Murtaza's situation and Murtaza's death in Çukur will be near.

Who will say goodbye to Çukur?

As we see in the Pit Season 4 Episode 11 trailer, Yamaç and Selim come face to face and Selim Ateş Ediyor.

Actually, Selim is not hitting Yamaç. On the contrary, a person coming from behind to save Yamaç will be shot.

Çukur Season 4 Episode 11 First Promotion


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