New Behind-The-Scenes Footage From The Legacy Series! Yaman Video With Seher

 New behind-the-scenes footage of the Legacy sequence has emerged. Here are those images. The Legacy sequence is in full swing. In this article , we will talk about behind-the-scenes footage, what will happen in later episodes of the series, and more events.

Legacy Sequence Behind-The-Camera Footage

Fun images of Emanet Yaman and Seherıprctlrmcn8

 What Will Happen In The New Departments Of Escrow?

News about the series continues to be included on our series analysis site. It seems that the scenes that we will watch in the new episodes of the escrow series will make us happy. As we know, Yaman and Seher were broken, but Seher's soft heart was appreciated again.

As we can see from the behind-the-scenes images, we see the close-up scenes of Yaman and Seher. Most likely, in 10 episodes, Iqbal's plan will be deciphered. In addition, Yaman and Seher will unite and try to solve the events that happened , and at that time, the scenes of the reunion of Yaman and Seher will increase.

Legacy Ratings Are Rising!

Legacy 55. The episode had a 2.58 rating, 54. The episode had a 2.61 rating, 53rd overall. The episode received a 2.67 rating. As we said in our first analyses, our sequence continues to increase.

With its first episode (1.10), the audience of the series continues to rise.

The Trust Rises, The Oath Falls!

Since the first episode of the escrow series, the audience has started to rise. The oath sequence has started to decline since the Trust began. It was a big drawback that they were both almost the same time on the same day , and the withdrawal of the oath series at the end of the week caused their ratings to rise.


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