My Name Is Angel 40. Episode Trailer

 My Name Is Angel 40. The trailer for the episode was released! My name was Angel with the exciting and emotional episode of the series. So, what will happen in the new episode? My Name Is Angel new trailer. The final trailer.

My Name Is Angel Watch 40 Episode Trailer

In the last episode, the audience was a little happy and a little sad. Melek's suffering, Khalil's waiting at Melek's bedside, Seyit Ali's watching Melek sleep, Mahmut and Melek's emotional conversations deeply affected and touched the audience.

Now everyone knows Angel's sick. It's time to become unity. It's time for us to support Angel. Screenwriter Kenan and Vildan prepared their collaboration, but the audience can react to it. And Seyit Ali's stubbornness is now broken. He'll leave everything behind for his daughter. He can no longer bear the sadness of the angel, and he will continue in this way in the following episodes.

Khalil, on the other hand, showed once again what a good person he is. When the angel hears what Khalil has done for him, his eyes glow. Now we will watch this love full. In a short time, we will see the marriage of Angel and Khalil.

The screenwriter will again show us emotional scenes in later episodes. In addition, in the coming episodes, there will be a section full of folk songs from the duo Halil and Mirza. There will soon be a miracle about Angel's illness. While everyone helplessly thinks the end of the Angel has come, a rapid healing process will begin in his treatment. As he recovers his health, happy scenes can come. (Estimate)


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