MASUMLAR APARTMANI (Innocent Apartment) 10th Episode Trailer

 Innocent Apartment 10th Episode Trailer has been released! So what will happen in the new episode of Innocent Apartments? Masumlar Apartment Episode 10 Watch the trailer. Watch the final episode summary and lines!

Confusion prevailed in the last section of Innocent Apartments.

Masumlar Apartment 10th Episode Trailer - TV Series Analysis

The mystery continues in the series that Han always says "let me tell you everything" and doesn't tell anything. The audience is very upset with Gülben. Han's mysterious actions started to frighten İnci.

The fact that Han took İnci and showed the flat full of garbage and told him everything is not real. Safiye fictionalizes and imagines this. Although Han wants to tell her real life to İnci, she will not dare to do so.

After Esat tells Gülden that he does not love him, and when Safiye throws Gülden's books, Gülden will realize everything and become a very different person. If Gülden throws away Safiye's mother's clothes, everything will turn back to normal. Safiye will get rid of her past, even if only a little, because she got rid of those clothes. Having witnessed these events, İnci will try to treat them very warmly and sincerely. Thanks to this behavior, Safiye's feelings towards İnci will also change, but she will never show and accept this because she will not want to share Han.

Even if Han takes the Uyari and takes it to the place where he collected the paper and tells everyone about everything civilized, he will not believe in the civilized and think that he is drunk, but the civilizer's retreat will confuse the cannabis and the hash will confuse the pearl.


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