MASUMLAR APARTMANI 9th Episode Trailer! New Final Episode Trailer

 TRT1 TV series Innocent Apartment 9th Episode trailer was released. What happened in the last episode? So what will happen in the new episode? As a Series Analysis site, we analyzed it for you!

Masumlar Apartment 9 Episode Trailer - Trailer and Series Analysis

Learning that the Han paid the school money of Ege, Memduh Bey wants to talk to Han, taking the opportunity and unaware of İnci, Han seeks all of his courage and asks İnci from his grandfather, but Memduh Bey will not give İnci to Han because the family believes that they are not normal. Han is a bit obsessed with some of the things he has experienced in the past, one of those obsessions is that he obsessed with his teacher, whom he liked when he was young, and has him make his model.

İnci falls into suspicion and follows Han, and the car sees that she and he is someone, but since her grandfather is behind her, she takes her grandfather without looking so that her grandfather does not understand. This time, the survivor Han convinced İnci that the person in the car was the father of the pearl and that he met again for money.

Han will talk to Inci's father and give some money and silence it, but Inci's father will constantly threaten and get money with this. As everything turned out, İnci will learn about this incident.

Understanding that Esra is trying to learn the history of the Han by using Esat to investigate the Han, Han will be worried about Esra. Esat, who learns that he is playing with his emotions, will be very offended and all his interest in Esra will end.

When Gülden sees the wedding ring of Han and Han tells him everything, Gülden will become very anxious and start to be afraid and will not hide this secret any more and tell Safiye, and Safiye will never accept İnci, who will break doom.

Han who is caught between her family and İnci, will not give up on her family, but will not leave İnci either. Even if Esat gets upset and upset about this after Esra played for Esat, Esra will take her heart and create new feelings between them.


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