Legacy New Behind-The-Scenes Images! Seher Took A Snake In His Hand

 Viewers are also intrigued by what happened during the filming of Channel 7's beloved series Legacy. Behind-the-scenes footage of the series is highly researched on the internet. Interesting new images continue to emerge during the filming of the series. In one of those images, Seher took the snake into his hands. Here are the images…

Relief Yaman Takes a Snake!
The duo of Halil İbrahim Ceyhan and Sıla Türkoğlu received a snake during filming. Here are those moments.

What Will Happen In The New Episode Of The Escrow Series? Sequence Analysis
The safety sequence remains in a major dilemma. Because on the one hand, he doesn't want to leave Joseph. On the other hand, Yaman cannot bear to leave Seher. Because Yaman is now completely in love with Seher. So Yaman will come back at the last moment. He'll behave the way Seher says. Because he knows that if he goes with Joseph, he will lose him completely. So he and Seher will decide and return Yusuf to social services. After that, Yaman and Seher will gain custody of Yusuf through their efforts.

In addition, Seher will now fall in love with Yaman and make a new start to his life with him. And Iqbal will go mad when he sees that his plans have come to nothing. In fact, Iqbal will draw up new plans and end his own. Because Yaman will find out that he is a traitor and will take him out of their lives forever.

Ali faces the fear of losing Kiraz. Ali, who does not want to lose Kiraz, will make a decision. Ali will want to tell Kiraz about his feelings. And Cherry will not tell Ali what Aunt Sultan did to him. Kiraz's hiding something from Ali causes him to make a mistake. Because Cherry's hiding something will cause them to break up, but then they will overcome these problems. Because Ali and Cherry love each other and a strong bond has formed between them. Thanks to this strong bond, they will overcome all difficulties.

The escrow series continues to rise in ratings. With the last part (2.48) 20. He managed to be. We're seeing ratings increase on a regular basis. At this rate, it is expected to reach the top 10. Let's see if the ratings increase in new episodes of the series.


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