Legacy 45. The Trailer For The Episode Was Released! Friday, November 6

 What will happen in the new episode of the escrow series? Who will win the Battle of Yaman and Selim? What will Yaman and Seher do for Yusuf? As a series analysis site, we analyzed the new section for you. Analysis of future episodes of the escrow series dizianaliz.com da.

Legacy Episode 45 Trailer

45 episode trailer released. The Battle of Yaman and Selim continues where it left off in the series. Selim warned Yaman, saying’ I'll pull the trigger I didn't pull in the port.' Yaman responded by saying’ Do not make great vows'.The duo's discussions are starting to add excitement to the series.

Another suspicion of the patch is that Yusuf had complained to Selim. When Yaman, who was wrong in this doubt, finds out the facts, he will know an apology from Selim.

Will Yaman and Seher marry?

Another curious question in the escrow series is will Yaman and Seher marry? A question, it is. There is a way for Yusuf to come back to the mansion...the marriage of Yaman and Seher, of course, our screenwriter can also marry Zuhal by making a reverse corner.

Safety Sequence General Analysis

In new episodes of the series, the action will be at its peak. Because Iqbal and Zuhalin's plans will be deciphered. It will take time for Yaman to find out the facts, but Yaman will find out the facts in a short time.


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