GÖNÜL DAĞI Episode 4 Trailer


The Trailer for Gönül Dağı Episode 4 has been released. So what will happen in the new episode? Will Taner show his feelings? What plans does Dilek's fiancée have? As a Sequence Analysis site, we analyzed it for you.

Gonul Dagi 4 Episode Trailer

Rejoicing that Dilek is not engaged, and despite the events at the wedding, she will still be ashamed and unable to tell Dilek her feelings, but Veysel Ramazan and Cemile will not miss this opportunity and set up a new plan for them.

Veysel and Cemile will also persuade Taner to speak with Dilek. He will talk to Taner Dilek, who went to build the machine, and tell her feelings, but Dilek will stay away from Taner because she is afraid of her ex-fiance. Your wish will be in trouble for Taner because his ex-fiancee is a nervous patient.

After Zahide's last incident, and because of her interest in the children of the Campaign, she will feel something for the room. The bond between them will grow stronger in the field they go to and they will get married soon.

Seeing that Ramadan is very sad, Asuman will be very sorry for Ramadan and he will act warmly to prevent him from breaking him, but there will be hope for Ramadan, but Assassins will be assigned and leave the village.

The event at the wedding will make Keriman happy and lift the case off Taner Veysel and Ramadan.


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