Forbidden Apple 86. Episode Trailer! New Division

 Forbidden Apple 86. Watch The Episode Trailer! Forbidden Apple 86 episode trailer released. So, what will happen in the new episode of the Forbidden Apple? We have prepared a new section analysis article for you. Is Talat Bulut Leaving The Series? Is Halit Dead? In the Forbidden Apple, many players left the series and many new players were also included in the squad. A period has closed. And what will happen?

Forbidden Apple 86. Watch The New Episode Trailer

Is Talat Bulut Leaving The Series? Is Halit Dead? What Could Have Been To Die?

Halit will not die when Ender Yildiz and Shahika unite and throw Khalit off the stairs, but he will make himself look dead. Ender will see what Shahika and Yildiz can do. When he sees what Ender and Shahika have done behind his back, and he will realize how innocent Yildiz is of them, all he cares about is Khalid and his son, he will eventually appear and marry Yildiz.

When he loses Ender Halit, who is upset about Kaya's departure, he will be very upset about it and go after Kaya, and when he finds out and understands the game Shahika played to Ender and Kaya, they will make up and get married again.

In the meantime, shahika will not stand idle, he will seek to remove Mert from the company. Mert did not say that he would come to the meeting and sent Zahra to Shahika, making Shahika, who was already against him, even more dangerous to him. Because Shahika will not leave this game played to him with Mert. He'll deal with Zahra to get her out of the company and out of the House.

Ender, after all the games of Shahika, The Star will have new games for Shahika and the star when he hears the game that they created for him, that is, the audio recording. So much for our series analysis article. Talat Bulut left the series, but we thought he might have another scene.


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