Emanet New Episode Trailer! The Emanet Series Episode 56 Watch Trailer!

 What will happen in the new episode of the escrow series? We have prepared Escrow 56th Chapter analysis letter for you. The 56th Episode Trailer, the last episode of the Emancipation series, will be added to our article instantly when it is released on Kanal 7 YouTube channel. Relief Series 56th Episode Trailer Released! What will happen in the new episode of the escrow series?

What will happen in the new section of the Trust New Episode Trailer - Series Analysis

Will Yaman and Seher make peace?

Yaman will try to get Yusuf from Seher, but he will fail because Ali will prevent him. Yaman will endeavor to take revenge on everyone who took Yusuf from his hand, and even to increase Ali from his profession. Yaman will be successful in these plans.

On the other hand, Seher wants to build a new life for himself, Yaman will be shocked when he learns this fact from Iqbal, first he will not believe it and speak to Seher himself. Yaman will be the opposite corner when he says I want to start a new life in Seher.

He will spend time with Seher Selim. Yaman will be jealous of them. This jealousy will end badly. But when Yusuf insists, "I want to see my uncle," Seher will not be able to resist this and will make peace with Yaman.

Yaman Seherin will see his efforts to make peace and regret it and will want to make peace. Begüm learned deep information about Kiraz. It will use this information in favor of Kiraz and create bad consequences for Kiraz.

Ali will understand Begüm's bad intentions and want to completely remove him from his life. This means that Ali will bring Cherry closer to himself. So we will continue to see the scenes of Ali Kiraz at full speed.


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