Emanet (Legacy) 60. Watch The Episode Trailer! New Chapter Introduction

 New episode trailer released! Friday, November 27, what will happen in the final episode? What will happen in the new episode of the escrow series? Will Yaman tell all the facts to the dawn? What is Iqbal and Zuhal's second unknown plan? Will cherry catch his brothers?

Emanet (Legacy) 60. Episode Series Analysis

The safety sequence is in full swing. We are looking forward to the episodes where Yaman and Dawn will be happy. Iqbal and Zuhal have one last trump card left, and it is the secret affairs that Yaman has gone behind Seher's back. Zuhal and Iqbal will try to separate the duo using this, but Yaman will explain this to Seher at the end of the episode. As we have already watched in the trailer, Yaman's following sentence has attracted attention. 'Everybody makes mistakes'.

Yaman will tell all the facts to Seher. At first, Seher will be very angry with Yaman, but then they will seek a solution and save Seher from arrest with the help of hand. On the other hand, Kiraz's brothers are chasing Kiraz, if you remember the last episode, his brother and Kiraz came face-to-face. After this incident, they started looking for Kiraz more, but they don't know that Cherry Ali is protected by the commissioner. Cherry can be kidnapped again, but once again Ali will survive thanks to the commissioner.


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