Emanet (Legacy) 59. Watch The Episode Trailer! Friday, November 26

 Emanet ( Legacy) 59. Episode Trailer. The trailer for the last episode of the escrow series was released. Friday, November 26, a promotional trailer for the new episode was released! What will happen in the new episode of the escrow series? What's the bad thing about the cherry? Does the love of Yaman Dawn begin? Will Seher go to jail for fraud?

Legacy Watch The 59 Episode Trailer!

We started watching good episodes in the escrow series. In this episode, where excitement and action are at its peak, Yaman and Seher have become one step closer, if you have noticed, Yaman has begun to understand more about Seher's value after recent events. Zuhal and Iqbal are sad. In each case, they bring Yaman and Seher closer, and they have just realized this. Iqbal will not be able to make new plans in the face of this. He'll say let's stop for now, and Zuhal will go crazy. Zuhal will continue his efforts to win Yaman alone, but every time he fails.

Will Seher go to jail? His questions are curious. Seher will not receive any punishment during his stay in the hospital. Yaman will find documents proving that Seher did not commit fraud and will remove Seher. After all this, Yaman and Seher will get closer. As it will happen again to Iqbal and Zuhal, Zuhal and Iqbal have already been thrown into the background in these episodes, and the increase in ratings is due to this.

Selim made Yaman even more ambitious in the face of this. Don't worry, Mr. Selim, Yaman thinks more of Seher than you do. Selim had asked Seher to marry him before, and Seher's refusal made Selim very crazy, which is why he does not love Yaman.


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