Emanet 55. Episode New Trailer! Final Episode Trailer

 What will happen in the new episode of Channel 7's beloved series Emanet? 55. Has the episode trailer been released? When will Yaman and Seher make up? Does Ali and Cherry's love begin? We have prepared a new episode series analysis article for you. The trailer will be added to the post when Channel 7 throws the trailer on its YouTube channel.

What Will Happen In The New Episode?

The series continues with exciting episodes. In the new episode of the series, it will be a big mistake for him to take Seher Yusuf and leave. Yaman's trust will be shaken when Yaman trusts Seher.

There will be brief discussions between Yaman and Seher. Of course, this will be short. In the new episodes, this discussion will be tied to dessert. Yaman will go to Seher to get Yusuf, but he will come back empty-handed. This will further increase Yaman's anger, further increase his ambition for Seher. Just when I said that the love of Dawn begins with Yaman, these events intervened. After all this, Yaman will not be able to admit his feelings for Seher.

In the coming episodes, Yusuf's custody case will be announced, and since Yaman is a Ziya and Yusuf, whom he values in this life, he will do whatever he can. The question remains, will Yaman be able to win Yusuf's custody case permanently? The answer to this question is yes. Yaman will win Yusuf's custody case permanently in future episodes. Yaman and Seher will be better with this happiness. But let's not forget that Yaman had a conversation with Seher in the previous episode. 'I will not show you Joseph anymore'. Because of this, Seher will not be able to see Yusuf for a few episodes and will be sad about it.

Yaman will want to make peace with Seher ,not forget the kindness he has done himself. Of course it won't be that easy. So that means it's going to take us a long time to watch the Yaman dawn scenes again.

On the other hand, questions are raised about whether Ali and Kiraz's love will begin. Ali and Kiraz's love will begin in our previous analysis articles stated, Of course, this will take time Ali and Kiraz will get along better over time. Then the love of Ali – Kiraz will begin.


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