EDHO 172. Episode Trailer

Bandit Will Not Rule the World ‘172. Episode Trailer "has been released. An exciting and action-packed episode is left behind. So what will happen in the new episode of the EDHO series. As a series analysis site, we have prepared an analysis article for you. EDHO new and final episode analysis.

EDHO 172. Episode Trailer

Chapter 171 ended with Alparslan Çakırbeyli stabbing Yaman Korkmaz. Alparslan Çakırbeyli is a character who does not leave his job to chance in the executions he has done. Usually 3 times. In this case, Yaman Korkmaz will not die. Because it was just stabbing. Especially after Behzat survived the attack he had suffered, it does not seem possible for Yaman Korkmaz to die.

Derman Korkmaz was the target of Alparslan. The Yaman Korkmaz incident is an extra event. Whether Yaman Korkmaz dies or not, Alparslan will already go to prison. In this case, the Derman Korkmaz plan will step in and Alparslan and his men will step in to kill him. Alparslan and his men will organize an operation to eliminate him. It is that they will survive thanks to Şahin Aga's domination of the prison, as well as the teams of Korkmaz in the prison.

Whether Derman Korkmaz will die or not will depend on the performance of the person who will portray the character. Although the name Derman Korkmaz has been mentioned so far, it has not appeared. It was understood that Derman is more important for Hamdi Korkmaz than Yaman. In this episode, besides Derman, a sibling and uncle have also appeared. The war with Korkmaz will continue.

With Haşmet's understanding of his mistake, the ice between him and Alparslan will melt. The rise of Alparslan and his team will continue. Hızır Reis suspected Cihan and baited him. It is only a matter of time before the world appears. It is no longer possible for Yaman Korkmaz to sit at the table. The war will continue. One of the Korkmaz may die in the war with the Korkmaz.


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