Don't Let Me Go 483 Episode Trailer

 Another exciting episode was left behind in the series Don't Leave Me. So what will happen in Episode 483? We analyzed it for knees as a sequence analysis site.

Don't Leave Me 483 Episode Trailer

Bora kidnapped Gönül and Müjgan helped him. Cihan will understand that Müjgan has a hand in this business and will be warm to Müjgan in order to keep his promise to Yusuf, and they will find Yusuf's place by following Müjgan, but they will not find Gönül because Gönül managed to escape from there before them. He will lose his way in the forest. While looking for Gönül in the forest, Bora will find Gönül before them and take him to another place. When he cannot find Yusuf Gönül, he will cling to Müjgan.

Meltem will learn the secret of Arzu Hanım and will threaten her Arzu by using Arzu Hanım's secret for Tarık. Miss Arzu will help Meltem because she is left in the middle and will go to Firuze's family and speak slowly to keep Firuzen away from her son. Hearing those words, Leman will be ill and be taken to the hospital. Learning that his situation is serious, Tarık will get angry with his mother and Meltem and run to the hospital near Firuze. He will stay with Firuze in the hospital in order not to leave him alone. The sincerity between them will gradually grow.


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