Don't Leave Me 482 Episode Trailer! Friday, November 6

 482 of the Don't leave me sequence. What's going to happen in your department? As a series analysis site, we analyzed it for you.

Gonul will go with Yusuf, even if he does not know what Yusuf has done because of the games of Müjgan and Bora, Gonul will go to Yusuf because he loves Yusuf very much. Yusuf will take Gonul and take him home. Bora will be very angry about this and will take it out on Müjgan. The stuck Müjgan will pursue new plans!

Although Meltem is happy that Firuze has left school, his joy will remain in his course. He'll find out what Tariq did for Firuze. On the other hand, Leyla will convince Tariq and Firuze to come back to school, but Melis will hurt Leyla a lot. Tarik, who finds out about this, will be angry with Meltem for Melis. Breeze's anger will grow more. He will set up new plans for Leyla and go to Firuze's family and make his brother more angry.


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