Disloyal 7. Episode Trailer

 Another exciting episode in the series unfaithful is left behind. Well, Series 7. what will happen in your new episode? We've prepared an analysis paper for you. Disloyal 7. watch episode trailer and 7 episodes…

Despite all the betrayals, Asia gradually takes revenge on Volcano after patiently waiting to get her new home, her son and investments.

After Asia goes and tells Haluk and Gönül lady that their daughter Derin is with her husband Volkan, she tells Asia Volkan that Derya is helping Asia and she is with Mertle.

He got his first revenge by hurting volcano, but there's more, Asia will get revenge on Volcano, who deceived him by making a fool of himself.

The volcano is about to burn. And Asia will divorce him while he still can't handle what Asia has done. He'll take the house and tell his son Ali everything.

He wants to help Volcano, who has lost everything, by trusting Haluk's father's wealth, but haluk's daughter will banish Derin. Volkan and Derin are in great pain and a difficult process. In the next episode, volcano will experience deep tears as he mourns the anger of losing everything.

Because of this, the volcano and Derin will also be disrupted. Both of them will try to attack Asia, but he will draw Mert with him, taking the Asian power from his son Ali and using Mert's feelings for him. By taking Mert with him, he will be strong against volcano and avenge Bahar.


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