Disloyal 6. Watch The Episode Trailer! The Last Good Days Of The Volcano

 What will happen in the new episode of unfaithful? 6. What's going to happen in the episode? As a series analysis site, we analyzed it for you. Details in our article!

Unfaithful New Episode Trailer

Selcuk will save Asia, which drowned and threw itself into the sea from everything. Selcuk will be upset and help Asia this time. Asia will help him and Nile. Now the Nile and Selcuk will always be near Asia to build a nest.

Last Good Days Of Volcano!

Asia will unite with Mert and avenge volcano. He will avenge not only volcano, but also Bahar, Derya, Derin and Mert. After Asia has taken everything on herself, she will divorce volcano and tell Derin's family everything, but she will do it by hurting them so much. He'll regret everything they put him and his son Ali through.

He will take great revenge on Volcan for causing the pain he experienced in his Asian childhood to do the same to Volcan's son Ali. Deep will also leave the volcano. Volcano will regret it, but Asia will not forgive him, and new things will happen between the psychology doctor and Asia, who has just arrived at the hospital.

Mert, who likes Asia, will be very upset by this and will constantly threaten Asia, but he will not be able to do anything to him because of his feelings for Asia.

Along with Asya Mert, he received his first revenge from volcano and spring, now it is the turn of Derya and Derin. Haluk Bey will disown Derin when Derin's family is told everything. The distraught one will deeply regret it. His revenge on Derya will also be great!


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