Dam 14. Trailer

 Dam series 14th episode trailer released! An exciting chapter is left behind. So what will happen in the new episode of the Dam series? Is the dam making the final? We searched for you. Details are in our dam series analysis article. Watch the new and latest episode trailer of Dam.

The final risk in the dam series still continues, but there is still a considerable audience watching the series. Will Nehir and Nazım be happy? New actor coming to the series?

Dam 14 Episode Trailer

Nehir Nazım agreed to marry. Nazım was very happy about this, but his happiness will not last long. Because Nermin has to divorce as soon as possible, but Nermin will never accept it.

Halil's body has not been revealed yet. But when Halil's sister, Meryem, comes to the dam, it will start to put both Tariq and Zahra in a difficult situation. Tarık and Zahra are struggling at the construction site that no one understands Halil's absence, but a mysterious person is aware of what they have done.

Tariq and Zahra will give the collar. Halil is actually alive. Everyone will be surprised to see Halil live. Halim will return to take revenge on both Zahra and Tariq. Difficult days are waiting for Tariq and Zahra.

On the other hand, Nehir and Nazım want to get married, but Nermin will not leave Nazım easily. Still, the marriage will take place, albeit difficult. Although not yet in this section, this will happen in the following sections. The new episode is eagerly awaited. Analysis videos related to the new episode continue to be published. Here is one of those analysis videos.


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