Channel 7' Legacy' Series 57. Watch The Episode Trailer! New Episode Trailer Introduction

 Monday, November 23: has the trailer for the new episode been released? What will happen in the new episode? Safety sequence 57. The episode will be on our site as soon as the trailer is released. What will happen in the new episode of Channel 7's beloved series Safety? Will it be revealed that Yaman and Ali are brothers? What's the bad thing about cherry waiting? When does the love of Yaman and Seher begin?

Legacy 57. Episode Trailer

Legacy Array Analysis

In the new episode of the escrow series, The hired killers will not leave Seher's head. The Killers will capture and damage Seher's spare moment. Hearing this, Yaman will do his best to save Seher from the killers, but let's not forget that Yaman once trusted a woman, and her trust was in vain. So it will take time for Seher and Yaman to be intimate again.

Seher will want to unite with Yaman for Yusuf's happiness, in the face of this offer, Yaman will remain undecided at first, but then he will accept the offer for Yusuf. And at that time, they will be fine again.

Will Yaman and Ali find out they're Brothers?

The fact that Yaman and Ali are brothers will be revealed in future episodes. Both sides will be in shock. Sultan bibi and Arif baba will reveal the truth to everyone. No truth remains hidden in the safety sequence. Yaman and Ali will not be able to find out this fact for now, but later Seher will explain this fact to both sides. After learning the truth, Ali and Yaman will not believe that this is the case at first, but later they will find out that they are really brothers and yearn.

What's The Bad Surprise Waiting For The Cherry?

And the bad surprise waiting for the Cherry will come from Begum. Begum will find a way to arrest the Cherry. When he sees this true face of Ali Begum, he will completely erase it from his life.


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