Breakdown (ARIZA) Episode 10 Trailer

Another exciting episode left behind in the popular TV series Show TV? Tolga Sarıtaş fans continue to support the series. So what will happen in the new episode? Will Ali Riza be saved? What is Burak's new plan? Will Halide and Burak get married? Who will be the new leader of the consortium? Details Failure Episode 10 Trailer article. Fault 10th Episode analysis is online on our fragment sequence analysis site!

Fault Sequence 10 Episode Trailer Sequence Analysis

Will Halide and Ali Riza get married? With the rescue of Haşmet in the new episode of the Breakdown series, Ali Rıza will become the favorite of the entire consortium, but Cabir will see Ali Rıza as responsible for his brother's death. Therefore, even if he wants to harm Ali Rıza, there will be no harm to Ali Rıza, but Halide will fear that Ali Rıza will be harmed

Halide will seek help from Burak. Burak will continue to make bad plans again, because Burak's only goal is to have Halide, so Burak will state that he will save Ali Rıza on one condition. Burak's condition will be to marry Halide. Since Halide was desperate, he would accept this condition, but no one will be able to understand the reason for Halide's sacrifice for a while. Ali Rıza, on the other hand, will get rid of his own efforts and give Burak the lesson he deserves. In addition, all consortium members will begin to see Ali Rıza as the new leader. Because Ali Rıza's strong stance will affect everyone, but that person except one person is Galip. Because Burak went to Galip last.

He wanted to be with them against the Haşmet, but Galip did not give an answer for now. He will probably buy Burak Galip and gain the upper hand in the consortium, but all the efforts of Ali Rıza will break all the obstacles in front of him. So soon Ali Riza will be the new leader.


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