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 Who Is The Mayor Of Mount Gönül? Who Is Ege Aydan? Where from? Biography

Who is Mayor Celal Bey in the series Gönül Mountain? Who is Ege Aydan by his real name and where is he from? Series and films he has played to date. How old is she? Height, sign and weight. Married? Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Detailed biography article with information about the famous actor and painter. Vital. Wikipedia information.

Who Is Ege Aydan?

Ege Aydan was born on 15 June 1958 in Ankara. His full name is Fevzi Ege Aydan.

He is the son of the famous opera singer and actress Sevda Aydan, who is engraved in memory as Tijen of the mother-in-law Series.

He is the brother of national basketball player Efe Aydan, one of the most important basketball players of Turkey. He is also the nephew of Opera singer Ayhan Aydan.

Growing up in a family intertwined with art, he was introduced to opera, ballet, symphony at a very young age and had the opportunity to get to know the theatre world intimately.

He attended primary school in Ankara and high school in Istanbul.

He started his art education with ballet, but because his teachers said that he was “too tall”, he gave up ballet and turned to the theater.

He graduated from Ankara State Conservatory Theater Department in 1977. After that, he started working at the Ankara State Theater.

During his theatrical life, he performed in various plays in the region and centers within the State theaters. He played the lead role with his teachers at the Grand Theatre.

From 1990, he turned more towards theatre directing and directed many theatre plays.

In 1994, he received the ‘art institution Award for Best Actor’ for his play” heartfelt plucking".

He also won Best Production awards for his plays “Love Letters” and “at the end of the road”, which he directed.

Ege Aydan Serials And Films

In addition to theatre, he also acted in motion pictures and important series on his artistic journey, which he began in 1974.

He was first noted for his role as Temudgin in mother-in-law.

He had a brief but memorable role as Captain Farouk in the 1994 film Liberation. He played the role of Mithat in the famous 1990s TV series Black Angel.

He continued his active career with the roles of Yaman in Asmali Konak, Engin in Binbir Gecek, Murat in Poplar Yeller, and Agah in Ömre Bedel.

Behzat Ç, which started in 2010 and was watched with love for many years. In an Ankara Police series, Behzat's older brother Şevket Ç. he received full marks from the audience for his role.

Istanbul is under my wings, a small matter of September, but Müzeyyen met the audience with many films such as this deep passion, Eternal Love..

Currently, in the series Gönül Dağ, which is broadcast on trt1 screens, Mayor Celal Bey gives life to his character.

He also continues to serve on the director staff of State theatres.

Aegean Month Long, Sign And Weight

The artist, who has also been interested in watercolor painting as a hobby since childhood, has developed this interest over the years and turned it into a profession.

He became one of the top ten painters in Europe with his paintings in the 1980s.

He opened his first exhibition in Ankara in 1982. So far, he has opened close to 35 paintings.

His watercolor paintings were used on wines such as Dikmen, Poplar, Rosato, Primer.

He also has a book called’ Kalakalem poetry and patterns ' written in 2000.

Finally, let's give him the following information that can be wondered about him. He Is Married To Ege Aydan. Gemini. He is 1.90 tall and weighs 88 pounds. He's a motorcycle enthusiast.

Where's The Aegean Moon From? Instagram Address

He's A Star Wars fan. He is a collector of toys and models. He loves playing table tennis, windsurfing, swimming and travelling.

He is originally from Ankara on his father's side.

His mother taught at the Izmir State Conservatory for many years, so he noted that part of him was from Izmir.

Facebook and Instagram are often used by the artist, who is a strict user of social media. Facebook Instagram account has a 4,600-member Facebook group and 3 Instagram accounts.

As of the time of this article, he has 63 thousand followers on his personal account, 1850 on his account where he shares his Star Wars collections, and 2750 on his account where he shares his watercolor paintings.

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