BENİ BIRAKMA 481 Episode Trailer And Summary

 What's going to happen in the new episode of Beni Bırakma? Series analysis site as we have analyzed for you. 

Beni Bırakma, 481. Episode Series Analysis

Beni Bırakma 481 Episode Trailer

Müjgan managed to put Bora in Gönül's room with his insidious plans. He stabbed and wounded Yusuf Bora, who saw Bora stay in Gönül's room in the hospital for hours. Bora will complain about Yusuf and put him in jail. Gönul, who did not see Joseph in the hospital, misunderstood and thought that Bora had brought him to the hospital, and resented Joseph, the resentment between them will grow even more.

Even if Müjgan and Bora's plan goes well for now, their power will not be able to separate Gönül and Yusuf. Gönül will learn everything and will do all he can to dissuade Bora from complaining in order to save Yusuf. He will use this opportunity to get Bora Gönül, who knows this opportunity. A difficult process awaits Gönül and Yusuf.

Tariq and Leyla will meet with Tariq to apologize for Ferit, who caused trouble when they went to Firuze's neighborhood, and the intimacy between them will grow. When breeze finds out about this, he will be more nervous and start building new plans because this plan he has set up brings them closer. And for Tariq and Firuze, the new plans of the breeze begin!


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