BENİ BIRAKMA 480 Episode Trailer

 Beni Bırakma, sequence 480. Episode trailer and summary. What will happen in the new episode, which airs on November 4, 2020? 

Beni Bırakma 480. Episode Trailer

Seeing that Gönül committed suicide with drugs, Yusuf brings Gönül to the hospital and saves Gönül, and learning about the games Müjgan played for them, Yusuf and Gönül make up again and become engaged.

In order to separate Gönül and Yusuf, Müjgan, who was playing games with Bora, abandoned him because of the lies he loved.

Because of these games he plays for money, Müjgan will lose both the man he loves and his sister Gönül, but in addition, he will get into trouble with Bora because Bora will not give up Gönül and will use müjgani, the money-loving sole intermediary.

Feeling that something is going on between Tariq and Firuzen, who work at the same school, Firuze, who is under pressure from his family, neighbors and teachers at the school, quits the school because of the false news that Meltem has made for them.

Tariq Will Not Allow It!

But Tariq won't allow it because he doesn't want him to leave school for false news, and he also realizes his feelings for him.

Meltem and her sister, who do not like Leyla, do their best to send Leyla out of the house, but meltem and her brother, who do not keep their plans because Leyla's father is Tariq and Arzu hanım, will be more angry.

He will hear Meltem's conversations inside while he investigates who broke the news that he has a relationship with Tariq firuze, and he will understand that Meltem did it, the marriage with meltem, which is a formality, will completely break up, and there will be new things for Tariq and firuze.


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