Who is Selçuk Sadakatsiz Series? Who Is Tariq Emir Tekin From Where? Instagram Address

 Who is the character Selçuk in Channel D screens ' new series unfaithful? Who is Tariq Emir Tekin, the famous actor known by the nickname Taro Emir, and where is he from? Instagram address. How old is she? Height and weight information. TV series and movies he played in. Who are his parents? Detailed biography with information about. wikipedia information.

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Who is Tarik Emir Tekin?

Tarık Emir Tekin Biography

Born in Istanbul in 1997, Tariq Emir Tekin is the son of Metin Tekin, one of the most memorable names in football history, and Shevval Sam, a famous player.

The actress, who graduated from Oxford Drama school in 2018, is also known by the name Taro Emir Tekin.

At the time of his schooling, he managed to become the first Turk to be among the 17 people selected from among the thousands of people who applied to the Oxford School of drama.

For 3 years, many famous names abroad have returned to Turkey after studying drama, the famous name is shown among the players with a bright future.

The cast's first series is the naked series on BluTV. Another production in which he is involved is Rise of Empires: Ottoman.

He also played in a foreign film called “Akis” with Selçuk method.

He stated in an interview that he is not very close to football, but dark Besiktas.

The Russian-written tattoo on his chest says 11. This figure is the jersey number that his father carried in the 1982-83 season when he first came to Beşiktaş.

His mother, Shawwal Sam, never wanted him to be a football player. Because he may not be as much as a footballer who has written his name in the history of Turkish football, but

he thought he could be a better player than me.

Tariq Emir Tekin Instagram Address

Emir Tariq Tekin currently gives life to the character of Selcuk mountaineer in his unfaithful series, which is broadcast on Channel D screens.

He is 1.84 m tall and is originally from Kocaeli. He loves dogs, and he has a dog named Lila.

Facebook and Instagram are often used.

As of the time of this post, her Instagram account has 19,700 followers.

Instagram address https://www.instagram.com/taroemir/


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