Who is The SADAKATSİZ Series Nil? Who is Nazlı Bulum

 Who is Nil in the Sadakatsiz series that aired on Channel D? What's his real name? Who is Nazlı Bulum and where is he from? How old is she? What's her Instagram address? TV series and movies he played in. Height and weight information. Gemini. wikipedia information. Biography article with information about it.

Nazlı Bulum Biography Video

Biography https://youtu.be/7ycegmgıynq

Nazlı Bulum is an assistant director, screenwriter, actor and producer.

He was born on 23 December 1992 in Istanbul.

He attended high school at Adygüzel High School of Fine Arts.

He began acting in high school with the play Blackbird by Dot, and has acted in many theatre plays, serials, and films to date.

He has appeared in the motion pictures blue wave, Grey Zone, snow, anxiety, ‘Crescent, Feza and other planets’ and has also appeared in numerous short films.

The actress, who has appeared in series such as Naked Truth, hope is not handcuffed, Bartu Ben, unfinished love, is currently on Channel D screens

in his published, unfaithful series, Nile gives life to the trigger character.

Who Is Coy Bulum From Where?

English and German are good for the player, who is originally from Istanbul.

He graduated from Kadir Has University, Faculty of Art and Design, Department of theatre.

Nazlı Bulum, an artist who has received various awards during her career and is very sensitive to social issues, continues her acting career by being registered with Icon Talent Agency.

Capricorn. He is 1.58 tall and 48 kg.

She is active on social media and at the time of writing has 18,100 followers on Instagram.

Instagram address https://www.instagram.com/nazli.bulum/


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