WHO İS Hülya Darcan? HOW OLD İS She? Instagram Address

 Word of Honor Who is Precedent? Who is Hülya Darcan and where? How old?

Who is Emsal Adabeyli in the series Şeref Sözü? Who is Hülya Darcan Korel with her real name and where is she from? Biography. Wikipedia information. How old? The movies and series he has played to date. Height, sign and weight. Biography article containing information about Hülya Darcan Korel, who is among the actors of Şeref Sözü. Briefly life.

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Who is Hülya Darcan Korel and where?

Who is Hülya Darcan Korel? How old?

Hülya Darcan is a cinema and TV serial actor. He is one of the most important names in Turkish cinema. His full name is Hülya Darcan Korel.

He was born on April 27, 1951 in Izmir. The roots of his family go back to Rumelia. He is from Balıkesir Gonen from his father's side. She is Cretan by mother.
He grew up in a family intertwined with art.
His father was a storyteller known by the nickname "Cambaz Osman" on the Aegean side. His childhood passed in Izmir. He had a happy childhood in a crowded family.
However, he also had a difficult time due to his father's profession. He was left in the classroom by his teacher in primary school just because his father was an acrobat.
He studied high school in İzmir Karataş High School.

In 1967, when he was only 16 years old, he came 3rd in the well-known magazine of the period, Ses Mecmuası Cover Star.
As a result, he started receiving offers from the cinema industry.
Fikret Hakan shared the leading roles with Ekrem Bora, Tugay Toksöz in "Their Guns Are Dead in Their Hands" and thus began to be recognized by the masses.
He shared the leading roles with important actors in the majority of the films he took part in.

He acted with Yılmaz Güney in films such as "Victim Killer", "Victim of the Mountains" and "Law of Bullets".
He has appeared in nearly 80 movies and 20 TV series so far.

In 1971, he met Tanju Korel, one of the famous actors of the period. They got married on April 20, 1974. Zeynep was born in 1977 and Bergüzar Korel in 1982. His wife Tanju Korel passed away on September 21, 2005 due to his illness.

The acting period started again with the Black Diamond series made for television by the famous name who took a break from cinema for a while.
He played with his wife Tanju Korel and daughter Bergüzar Korel in the TV series Zeytin Dalı, which was shot for TRT.
Master player who played Melike character for 2 seasons in Dila Hanım and Hayme Ana for 4 seasons in Diriliş Ertuğrul
He won great appreciation of the audience with his magnificent acting performances.
He gives life to the character of Emsal Adabeyli in the series Şeref Sözü, which is currently being broadcast on Show TV screens.

Hülya Darcan Instagram Address

Let's also give the following classic information, which is bewildered for being an actor. Hülya Darcan is Taurus. It is 1.67 tall and 75 kilos. He uses Instagram and as of the time this article was prepared, he has 83.400 followers in his account.


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