Who is BEDİR BEDİR From Where? How Old is She? Call My Agent, Who's Bekir?Dec.


Who is Bedir Bedir who gave life to the character of Bekir in the Dec TV series My manager, which aired on Star TV screens, and where is he from? How old is she? Height, sign and weight. TV series, movies and theaters in which he played. Instagram and Twitter address. Detailed biography article with information about who he is.

(If you wish, you can also access this biography in the form of a video biography on the YouTube channel Serhat Uzunkök) https://youtu.be/FaQiR05OkOw

Bedir Bedir Life

Who Is Bedir Bedir?

Bedir Bedir was born in 1982 in Erzurum.

He completed his primary school education in Erzurum, his hometown.

He then completed his secondary and high school education in Bursa. In 1999, he joined Bursa City Theatre.

She graduated from Mimar Sinan University Theatre Department in 2007.

After his graduation, he started his master's degree program at the same university in 2011 and graduated with success.

Almost breathing with the theater, the actor has acted in theater Ikincikat, Bakırköy Municipal Theater, Istanbul State theaters and various private theaters.

After a long theatrical adventure, the actor, who has mastered his profession, also gave acting training in Sadri accustomed Cultural Center and private educational institutions.

A famous name who has performed in numerous theater plays so far, the near World, The Foreign Bride, such a passing time that Maral, the bride from Istanbul,

He has appeared in many series, such as Hawk Hill.

He also played in many motion pictures such as a shopping mall story, encounters Hasan, what happened, love and Revolution, there is fire and The Lonely Club.

Today, Blacklistt continues his career by enrolling in an acting agency.

He is a basic acting instructor at Zoom Arts acting workshop.

At the same time, Star gives life to the character of Bekir in the series called search for my manager, which aired on TV screens Dec.

The famous actor, who is 1.75 tall and 70 pounds, is a complete nature lover and animal lover. He likes to ride his bike and motorcycle.

He uses Twitter and Instagram, although not very often.

Instagram address https://www.instagram.com/bedirvebedir/

Twitter address https://twitter.com/bedirvebedir


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