YouTube Channel Referrals That Can Be Subscribed To

 In this article, we will recommend some channels that you should check out on YouTube.

Serhat Uzunkök

The first YouTube channel we recommend is usually a channel that stands out with biography videos. In particular, he describes the lives of the actors of the series in his videos, regardless of popularity. It gives information about the lives of young names or new faces on television, rather than the lives of popular people. This YouTube channel, which usually uses words such as who is Who and where in its titles, usually prepares original and up-to-date content texts. In general, when you search for someone 'who is' on Google, biographies from 5 years ago to 10 years ago or the same articles come out. Here this channel is up to date and prepares biography videos in detail. There are also videos about the lives of people on the agenda. It's a nearly 1.5-year-old channel, and it's especially popular for its content about Survivor contestants and its videos about the lives of MasterChef contestants.

We've put a few sample videos here for you.

YouTube channel address

Kastamonu Vlog

The second YouTube channel we recommend is a YouTube channel related to Kastamonu. You can get up-to-date information about Kastamonu food, culture and places to visit through this channel. You may be particularly interested in videos of pastry recipes and local recipes. Rather than a classic narrative, the channel has a couple of fun videos. Sometimes they share the places they visit in the form of a vlog, sometimes they learn some dishes that they don't know, and share their recipes with their subscribers. It's a new channel, but it usually pays videos frequently, and the number of subscribers is growing rapidly every day. We've put a few videos here for you and added the address.

YouTube channel addressı6vbjv6t1u4nya

Musa Arikan HD

The third channel we recommend is broadcasting series analysis. As he was a young friend, we wanted to support him by adding him to our list. Let's say you've watched a series and you're wondering what's going to happen in the next episode. In this channel, videos are given predictions about future episodes. And sometimes you can find summaries. There are also videos with interesting information about the actors of the series. It's a new channel, but one that we believe will evolve over time. Don't you need to support young friends? We've put some of his videos and Channel address here for you.

YouTube channel addressıl_vcnepslxquq

Capital Post

From time to time, this channel also shares News content in the form of live broadcasts, but usually in the form of videos, but there are news prepared in the original way. They usually publish content without worrying about popularity. Almost a TV channel is preparing videos in earnest. It's Called The D.C. Post. The channel is headquartered in Ankara, but there are also general news and videos on current issues. He occasionally appears in guest and celebrity videos. Sometimes they also broadcast street interviews. Here we have added a few examples and videos for you. By the way, we must add this. It's a really high-end channel, especially in voice-over.

Feri Ce

It's a food channel, but it's definitely a very different channel. Its difference comes from its recipes. Especially a YouTube channel that gives recipes that no one has ever given before. Just no recipes. Practical information, health, fashion are also mentioned in this channel. He also occasionally shares vlog-style videos. Perhaps the only Turkish Youtube channel where you can find especially Arabic food. Here we have added some of his videos and Channel address for you.


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