Who is Merve Erdogan from? How old? Tövbeler Olsun Cemre who?

 Who is Cemre Horanta in the TV series Get Repentance on TRT 1 television channel? Who is Merve Erdogan and where is he from? What is his Instagram and Twitter address? What are his TV series and movies? How old? What is his height, sign and weight? Biography article on the subject of unknown life.

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Biography Of Merve Erdoğan

Who Is Merve Erdogan?

Merve Erdoğan was born on 22 June 1991 in Niğde. Most of his life was spent in Çengelköy, Istanbul.

She graduated from private Moda Mimar Sinan Fine Arts High School Theatre Department. She is a graduate of Kadir Has University Theatre Department.

Acting since the age of 3 Merve Erdoğan walking in Taksim, an agency owner liked him began acting.

She first played the daughter of footballer Tanju Çolak in the TV series The Life of the King, then played in the series Little IBO.

In 1999, she made her screen debut as a Lead Actress in the TV series Shorty Witch with the character Zelish.

Although he was only 9 years old, he showed quite professional acting in this series.

After the short Witch series, she focused on theater education and studied at Müjdat Gezen Art Center, Üsküdar Musiki Society, Sadri Alışık Theater. In addition to theater training, he also received a dance education. After these trainings, he took part in many theatre plays and series.

” A lifetime is not enough“,” Emret Commander“,” Sevdaluk“,” back row", Yalaza, love and Blue are some of the productions he has appeared in. He also appeared in the Motion Picture The Sound of the Bell.

Merve Erdoğan Height, Sign And Weight

He recently presented a program called the matinee of time together with Hasan Kaçan at TRT.

Currently, he gives life to the character of Cemre Horanta in the series Let There Be penitents, which is broadcast on TRT 1 screens.

The actress, who loves animals very much, engages in hobbies such as drawing and knitting in her spare time and is noted for her beauty, is 1.68 tall. 53 kilos. He's a crab.

Where Is Merve Erdogan From?

Fenerbahce keeps the football team. The famous actress, whose biggest dream is to get an Oscar, is Black Sea by her mother.

He is originally from Niğde and continues his life in Çengelköy, Istanbul. He actively uses social media and as of the time of this article, he has 6000 followers on his Twitter account and 43,600 followers on his Instagram account.

Instagram address https://www.instagram.com/mrveerdgn/

Twitter address https://twitter.com/mrveerdgn


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