Who is Güven Kıraç From Where? Repent, Who Is Namzet Horanta?

Who is Guven Kıraç, who plays the character Namzet Horanta in the new comedy series penitence be it, which aired on TRT 1 screens, and where is he from? How old is she? What are the films and series he has appeared in to date? What's his height, sign and weight? Detailed biography. Facebook and Instagram, what's his Twitter address? What's the name of your YouTube channel?

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Video Biography Of Güven Kıraç
Who Is Güven Kıraç And Where Is He From? Repent, Who Is Namzet?
Güven Kıraç was born on April 5, 1968 in Haseki, Istanbul. He is a stage, TV and film actor.
Güven Kıraç,who is of Albanian descent, is of Abkhaz descent.
In an interview, he stated that the elders of the family had settled in Adapazari in the past and that most of his family still lived in Adapazari Akyazı Kuzuluk Village.

He has a brother named Gökhan Kıraç who is an actor like himself.
When he was 4 years old, his family emigrated to Germany for work, but returned 1.5 years later.

He studied at Zincirlikuyu construction technical and construction Vocational High School.
During his high school years, he became interested in theater as an amateur.
After that, he began to pursue this interest professionally and graduated with his education in the theater department of Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory. He was also a professional sportsman during his college years. He did gymnastics, played basketball at Eczacıbaşı, but then quit.

Güven Kıraç has played in various theaters, commercials, serials and films since 1986.
After working as a state theatre artist for 2 years, he left at his own request.
His first professional play in the theater was at the counter Theatre, founded by Ahmet Uğurlu in 1990, with a play called ‘Hamlet Basar five to two originals’.

In front of the cameras, Güven Kıraç, who first appeared in the series Dostlar Pasaji, which was published in 1997, was 19 with the film Salkım Hanım's grains in 2000. Best Actor at the Istanbul Film Festival, 22 in 2011. At the Ankara Film Festival, he was named Best Actor for his film Junction.
A master player who has been engraved in memory with so many films and series that he does not end up counting, now gives life to the character of Namzet Horanta in the series of repentance that is broadcast on TRT 1 screens.

Güven Kıraç, who is known in the art community for portraying very different characters in each project he takes part in, believes that the formula for success is to play unrelated characters each time.

The master player continues his life in Istanbul. He likes gardening. In his spare time, he fishes, writes and paints on poetry and philosophy. He is particularly interested in portrait paintings, and even opened an exhibition of his paintings in 2014. He also frequently shares pictures of himself on his Instagram account.

Social Media Accounts
The famous player, who actively uses Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, also has a YouTube channel that he opened with his strict friend Erkan Can, who is an actor. As of the moment this video was made, the Blue click has 33,700 followers on its official Instagram account and 31,700 followers on its Twitter account,
For example, they opened with Erkan Can on the YouTube channel called Dedik, which also has 50 thousand 200 subscribers.

Let's also give this classic information that is curious because he is an actor. Güven Kıraç is 1.65 tall, 73 kilograms and is Aries.

Instagram address https://www.instagram.com/guvenkirac/

Twitter address https://twitter.com/GuvenKiracResmi

YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/ucatwvwvuoyzeturxıg9v_oa

Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/guvenkiracresmisayfasi


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