Who is GÜNCE MUTLU? How Old is She? Who is The Mansion Of Turkan Lady Gokce?

 Who is Günce happy? How old is she? What's his height and weight? Biography. Life in short. Who is Gökçe in Türkan Hanım's Mansion? What's his Instagram and Twitter address? What are the series and films he has appeared in to date?

(If you want, you can also access this article in the form of a visual and audio biography)

Who Is Günce Happy?
Günce Mutlu is a theatre, film and TV actress. He was born in Istanbul in 1989.
He graduated from the Acting Department of the Haliç University Conservatory and also studied acting at the Müjdat Gezen Art Center.

Günce Mutlu, who started acting in 2010 with the character of “joy”, which he portrayed in the series “different patterns”, has played in many theaters, TV series and has also appeared in a motion picture called Neva.
Don't let the children hear, the Turkish Test with space, waiting for The Sun, My father stayed in class, you name it, some of the series in which the back streets are located.
To date, she has performed in the theatre plays Salome, Julius Caesar, will you play with me and the turtle, and has also played in the commercial film Becel.

Happy Height And Weight Of The Day
In the series entitled Türkan Hanım's mansion, which is broadcast on TRT 1 screens today, Gokce gives life to his character.
He works with a Mega Manager Agency, he is 1.61 tall and weighs 44 pounds. An actor who is a complete animal lover, continues his life in Istanbul. He actively uses Instagram, and as of the time of this post, he has 7564 followers.


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