Who is Batuhan Aydar? Who is Anil in the series of Repentance?

 Who is Anil in the series Let There Be penitents broadcast on TRT 1 screens? Who is Batuhan Aydar from where? What are his TV series and movies? How old is she? What is his height, sign and weight? Facebook, Instagram and Twitter? His detailed biography on his unknown life. Related information.

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Biography Of Batuhan Aydar
Who Is Batuhan Aydar? What's His Height, Sign And Weight?
Batuhan Aydar was born in Istanbul on August 9, 1990.
He attended Primary School in Turhan Thompson Tansel primary school. He completed secondary school in Istanbul – Maltepe – Adnan Kahveci secondary school.
He attended high school at Suadiye Hacı Mustafa Tarman high school.
He graduated from Anadolu University-radio and television.

Batuhan Aydar's childhood, which was in front of the camera with an ABC ad at the age of 1, was also in front of the camera. He met a lot of famous names.
He had his first screen experience in the children's program that will be the man of peace Mancho, which he was a fan of when he was little. Peace loved Mancho so much that he even went to places where he went and took pictures.

In 1994, Demet played in the music video for Sagıroğlu's ‘Cobblestone’ and the video for ‘Love Fairy’. After that, he appeared in TV series and commercials.
But when his school life was negatively affected, he took a decommissioning at the age of 11. After a period as a stage manager, he returned to acting again and
in order to move forward more professionally, he trained at Sadri Alışık Cultural Center and took acting training lessons from Umut Kırcali.

Batuhan Aydar Serials And Films
In 1997, Evrim Solmaz played the lead roles in the series “relations”, in 1999 in the series Ayşecik and in the same year in the lead roles Seda Sayan and Güven Kıraç played “Will we have a home? he starred in the series".
In 2013, he played the role of Lieutenant Deniz, taking the lead role in the series “People Without others”, which aired on Milky Way TV. Thanks to his acting in this series, his recognition increased, and in the following years, the series in which he appeared followed one another.

She has acted in productions such as Last Exit, back Streets, Love and pride, Sekerat Son and Hayat Sevince Güzel.
In 2017, he portrayed the character of Fatih in the series Yalaza and won great acclaim from the audience with this series.

Currently, he gives life to the character of Anıl in the Comedy Series Penitence, which is broadcast on trt1 screens.
Noted for his good looks, the famous player is 1.88 tall. He weighs 81 pounds and is a Leo.
In his spare time he travels and plays football and plays for the Besiktas football team. He's Originally From Adana.

He actively uses social media and as of the time of this article, he has 10,900 followers on his Twitter account and 28,000 followers on his Instagram account.


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