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 We continue to give you crazy and cruel advice. In this article, we have gathered together aimlessly sites that are not interesting or beautiful from each other, that is, you know. As a Site, we prepare quality content for you, as well as sometimes we can give you absurd advice. We have a feature. Anyway, don't be afraid, there are also good sites on our list. Don't worry, some of them may be all ours.

Sequence Analysis

The site is often noted for the player biographies it publishes. You can also access the biographies in video form. 'I don't like reading articles, I like to learn something as a video' if you say this site is for you. News about the new series is also available on the site.

Netherlands Info

Absolutely no one can say no to this site. A site that provides information about the Netherlands. This site shares everything you can think of about the Netherlands. Best of all, the site is new and the information is up to date. It's like a knowledge base. From working conditions in the Netherlands to the Dutch rabbit in tutunda, there is everything you are looking for. Especially thanks to this site, you can get good ideas about places to visit. Sometimes there are also some reports in the Dutch press that we have not heard in Turkey. In short, an original and high-quality site.

Series Analysis Trailer

This site features current series news. There are also Series Trailers and analysis articles. It is difficult to find content, especially related to daily series, and this site is usually focused on these series. Articles and summaries about the escrow series and the oath series can be found on this site. In addition, you can also access some articles visually and audibly thanks to the YouTube video. A new but constantly improving site.

Advice Nut

Of course, we will also recommend ourselves. What did you expect? How can we miss ourselves?

Sometimes quality advice, sometimes absurd advice is given on this site. It's a new site, but it's not known how far it goes with the recommendations it gives. Don't be surprised if you see a post called beautiful door handles recommendations on this site. As will shift in that direction...

For now, that's all our good site recommendations. Enough is already all our beautiful sites :)


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