New Turkish Series Innocent Apartment Subject And Cast

 In 2020, different new series are starting again. The Turkish array sector began to move with the slowdown of the pandemic. Especially TRT1 will be in front of the audience with quite a lot of new series this season. Here's one of these new series, The Innocent apartment series.

What's This About The Innocent Apartment?

as a series analysis site, we continue to give you Series news about new Turkish series. In this article, When Will the apartment of innocents begin? What is the subject? What book was it made of? Who's who on the show? We'll talk about the characters the actors portray.

What Book Is The Apartment Of The Innocent Adapted From?

The 2020-2021 series is among perhaps the most notable series of the season. It was originally called a garbage apartment, but was later changed. The OGM Pictures production is based on the series ' real-life stories and events, in which call Lustuvali sits in the director's chair. Innocent apartment Istanbul Bride, The House where you were born is fate and the Red Room is the source of the script of many series, such as the doctor It is based on Gülseren Buğdaycıoğlu's novel ‘inside the coin’.

When Will The Innocent Apartment Start?

The series, which began filming, is expected to be on screens in October.

The Subject Of The Innocent Apartment And Its Players

Safiye (Melodi Mola)

Gülben (Merve Dizdar ))

Khan (Birkan Sokullu)

Pearl (Farah Zeynep Abdullah)

Cüneyt (Barış Bağcı)

The subject of the series, which will soon be broadcast on TRT 1 screens with a cast of famous names, is as follows::

Safiye (Ezgi Mola) and Gülben (Merve Dizdar) are two sisters whose life is full of obsessions. His brothers, Han (Birkan Sokullu), are the only true link between this family and the world, including their sick father. Han's whole life goal is to keep this family afloat by shuttling between work and home. But Khan's world will change as soon as he sees the Pearl (Farah Zeynep Abdullah), love; it will make Khan pursue his own happiness for the first time. The Derenoglu family, which spends every day on thorns, will get even more out of control with the arrival of the Pearl.

“Apartment of The Innocents” series, which is a masterpiece adapted from the heartbreaking stories of real lives and will surprise everyone with its immersive subject, will soon be in TRT 1…


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