New TRT series Turkan Hanım's Mansion subject and actors

 Although TRT 1 is the state's television channel, it has started to take part in the series sector quite effectively in recent years. It continues to move new sequences to screens one after the other. One of these new series is Türkan Hanım's Mansion series. In this article, we will try to give you current information about the series. What's the subject of the show? We will try to tell you which players are in the cast and which characters these players portray.

When Does Mrs. Turkan's Mansion Start? What Is The Subject?

As a series of the 2020-2021 season, Turkan Hanım's Mansion series is expected to be on TRT 1 screens by the end of September. In fact, this project is both a series and a program, and with this aspect, it looks like it will attract the attention of the viewer. The series, which will be broadcast Weekly, will have different guests and topics in each episode. Practical information and recipes will also be given in the series, which is expected to stand out with its educational and instructive aspect.

Who Are The Actors Of Turkan Hanım's Mansion?

A mansion as warm as True Tales as life: Turkan Hanım's Mansion…

Imagine a program; it also brings to the screen the stories of people who are happy with each other's joy and grief in a warm family environment that we miss, with recipes and daily practical information. Let it be a huge mansion that laughs together, cries together, and has endless happiness in it. Let the little happiness extracted from life in this mansion turn into the most precious moments. Let each of us have a place on the shoulder of Mrs. Turkan in this mansion.

Imagine a series; every week, an expert guest will tell us how to solve a problem that can happen to all of us. And don't stay with it, let your favorite artists host you in your homes. “But how can that be?"if you say, Türkan Hanım's Mansion brings together the story and the truth, The Tale and the truth for you. In the series, where a sample topic will be covered every week, Türkan Hanım will lead both her large family in her mansion and the audience at the beginning of the screen with the long-established heritage of our traditions.

In addition to experienced players such as Arzu Yanardağ, Murşit Ağa Bağ, Ayşen Inci, Buket dereoğlu, Türkan Hanım's mansion, which has many young talents, welcomes your favorite celebrities for you.

Türkan Hanım's Mansion invites all viewers from seven to seventy per screen.


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