New Elcin Sangu Series For Good Day For Bad Day Series

 Introducing the new series of Star TV – the subject and cast of the bad day on the Good Day

This season, quite a number of new Turkish series will begin to appear on television channels. So 2020 new series search query started to be searched by many people in search engines. For this reason, we, as a series analysis site, have prepared an article with information about the series on a good day and a bad day. Who are the actors of the series? When was the first episode and the new trailer released? we'll talk about things like that.

New Elcin Sangu Series For Good Day For Bad Day Series

How does the audience expect a series? Here are all the details of the new series Good Day Bad Day…

For better or worse, O3 Media Production is a Turkish romantic comedy series directed by Barış Erçetin, co-written by Aksel Bonfil and Pelin Karamehmetoglu, which will soon begin on Star TV.

A series that prepares to meet viewers on Star TV screens for good and bad will both upset viewers and amuse them very much.

Good Day Bad Day Series

Star TV's new pupil tells the stories of Leyla, Sarp and Melisa, who cross into each other on a good day and a bad day. Many years ago, Leyla (Elçin Sangu), who was a lover, and Sarp (Bard Full Moon) took the first step to get married. However, a confused Sarp leaves Leyla at the wedding table and disappears. He chose to be konstre in his work by burying his pain with Leyla, who experienced a deep sadness with this movement of the man he was in love with. After fate knits its webs, Leyla suddenly finds herself organizing the wedding of the Bard and her new lover, Melisa. After a moment, Leyla struggles with all sorts of problems while planning her ex's wedding.

Cast And Characters On A Good Day And A Bad Day

< p>Produced by O3 Media, the script of the series comes from the pen of Pelin Karamehmetoglu and Aksel Bonfil. Screens better or worse cast members counting the days to come the messenger of the Sangu, the Bard is a full moon, Senay Gürler, Derya alabora, Allen, Jasmine, Narcissus, (in Turkish Hakan Released, Ali Yagci, Sinan Albayrak, Erdogan's Brigade, Sinan Albayrak, Hande Yılmaz, Selin Said, Betul Fasting Berfin, Happy Karaduman, Ipek Ilbeyli Zeynep Aksel Bonfil, Fuller and Baybars, the famous names of the ceremony from obiz replaced.

The Latest Trailer For The Good Day Bad Day Series

So far promotional videos for the series have also been released via YouTube. The new series ‘Good Day Bad Day’, produced by O3 Media, which will be broadcast on the star, will meet its audience very soon. In the newly released promotion of the series, one of the leading actors, Elçin Sangu, sang the folk song ‘Galevera Creek’.


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