Who is MasterChef Tanya Kilitkayalı, how old is she?

 Turkey is MasterChef MasterChef contestant who Kilitkayal 2020 and Tanya is from? How old? What is his zodiac sign? Does he use Facebook, YouTube and Instagram? Did you participate in the "We are eating" program? It is a biography article containing detailed information about the 10th ambitious contestant who made it to the finals.

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MasterChef Tanya Life

Who is MasterChef Tanya? Whence? What is the Sign? How old?

Chef Tanya Kilitkayalı, who joined MasterChef from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, was born on January 7, 1994. It is engaged. He studied high school in Famagusta Namık Kemal high school.

Graduated from Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Tourism Faculty, Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Department. After completing his master's degree at the same university, he became a lecturer. He also did an internship at Alancha Alacati in Izmir for a while.

Having been a family business in Kilitkaya Village with his mother since childhood, Garavolli Cafe and Bar has been preparing local dishes in its kitchen.

He knows both Cypriot cuisine well and has a long-standing knowledge and experience about gastronomic cultures in different corners of the world.

From the first moment he joined the contest, he has been supported by Northern Cyprus. The dean of the university where he worked, made a statement saying they were proud of him.

The President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus visited his family and made a video chat with Tanya Kilitkayalı, saying that she was with her wholeheartedly and wished success.

In the first stage of the contest, he succeeded in attracting chefs with Pirohu, a taste unique to Cyprus, which he made with his unique interpretation. that creativity with shrimp dinner at the forefront of Turkey's Masterchef elected to the 10 main staff of 16 people. became a contestant.

Tanya Kilitkayalı, who adds color to MasterChef with her Cypriot accent, frequently uses Facebook and Instagram. She shares the recipes and pictures of the dishes she makes on Instagram. As of the moment this article was prepared, he has nearly 7400 followers in his Instagram account.

For those who wonder, let's also give the following information. MasterChef Tanya Kilitkayalı is Capricorn and holds the Galatasaray football team.


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