Who Is MasterChef Sefa From Where And How Old? What's his height and weight? What's her Instagram address?

 Who is Sefa Okyay Kılıç, the new contestant from the understudy to the MasterChef Turkey 2020 cooking contest, where is she from and how old is she? What's his height and weight? What's the Instagram and YouTube address? It is a detailed biography article. 35. included in the competition as part of the episode is the life story about who was MasterChef Sefa.

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Who Is MasterChef Sefa From Where?

MasterChef Sefa Okyay Kılıç Who Is From Where?

One of the most notable contestants of MasterChef Turkey, which aired on TV8 screens, is undoubtedly Sefa Okyay Kılıç.

Sefa Okyay Kılıç made a smoked salmon dish with plum sauce and almonds in her first audition for MasterChef and managed to get in the chefs ' eye.

Then in the triple elimination round, Tikka Masala, one of the popular dishes of Indian cuisine, made her name in the final round and made her way into the top 28 contestants, but she failed to qualify for the main cast because she was too excited in the qualifiers.

Baby face, colorful eyes and dimples of the audience with a very attention, handsome and made thanks to the food formed in a short time

Sefa Okyay, who also has a considerable fan base, was very much asked to return to the competition from the reserves and finally with Sedat's elimination

her place was opened.The main cast of Masterchef included Sefa Okyay Kılıç as the new contestant.

So let's take a closer look at who is Sefa Okyay Kılıç.

‘Cause why not?'etched in memory with the word and 24 years old Sefa, graduated from the Department of Gastronomy and culinary arts of Gazi University.

He currently continues his education in the Department of business administration at Anadolu University as a second university.

MasterChef Sefa is a chef at a Mediterranean restaurant, which is normally Turkish owned in London, but currently resides in Turkey because of the competition.

She loves cooking, traveling, camping and sports. He is closely involved in camping and scouting.

There's another unknown aspect. He also writes poems from time to time.

He is from Kayseri and is engaged in trade outside of the cookery profession. He is 1.78 tall and 79 pounds.

He actively uses social media and has hundreds of accounts opened in his name. As of the moment this article was prepared, blue click has 70,000 followers on its official Instagram account, 4,000 followers on its Twitter account, and close to 4,000 subscribers on its YouTube account.

Instagram address https://www.instagram.com/sefaokyayklc/

YouTube address https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE2DZWimvus3PNeFvZ3rc7w

Twitter https://twitter.com/Okyayklc


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