Who is MasterChef Esra Tokelli? Whence?

 Turkey is MasterChef 2020 contestant who Tokell Esra and from? How old? Married? Is his height, sign and weight known? What is Twitter, YouTube and Instagram address? Have you participated in the program "We are eating? It is a biography written about the 7th ambitious contestant who made it to the finals.

(If you wish, you can also access this biography from Serhat Uzunkök YouTube channel)

MasterChef Esra Who and Where?

Esra Tokelli lives in Fatih, Istanbul. 41 years old. Single. He has a 24-year-old son. It is of Circassian origin. Balıkesirli is.

He has been cooking since he was young and although he did not attend any cooking school, he has mastered almost every meal.

He spends most of his time in the kitchen. It relies on the taste and taste of the food. He loves cooking.

He receives food orders through social media and makes a living by selling the dishes and desserts he makes.

It also makes home-cooked meals and desserts for events such as weddings, engagements and invitations.

< p>There is even a website where people can order home-cooked meals.

Esra Tokelli, who has succeeded in promoting herself on social media for years with her nickname Hürremin Cuisine, has previously participated in the Yemekteyiz contest and

won first place in the competition. When he joined Yemekteyiz, he said that his biggest dream was to join Masterchefe.

Esra hanım wanted to participate in the contest so much that she met many competitors who competed in MasterChef, which she is a fan of, and prepared herself for MasterChef.

Later, he applied to the competition and became among the top 28 after passing the first qualifiers.

The place where the auditions for the main staff 7 by eating 12 times a day at 11 among the top 4, which Esra Tokell eventually MasterChef with elbasan pans Turkey in the 2020's 16-man main staff 7 was able to be chosen name.

He received no help from any competitors during the qualifiers. It gained everyone's appreciation with its regular, fast and clean work.

Indeed, his struggle as a housewife and mother among professional chefs is admirable.

We think that a person who manages to stand on his own feet by cooking at home and selling them will have a long way to go in this competition.

We wish him success in the competition. In the meantime, let's give the following information. He mostly prefers to use Instagram and as of the moment this article was prepared, he has 14.300 followers in his Instagram account.

Instagram address https://www.instagram.com/esratokelli/


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